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Anacaona was the last Princess of the Caribbean and the protector of Taino people. Here in this unique Taino-Indio Anacaona Museum you will discover the history and origins of Dominican Republic people. We look forward to seeing you soon, the Museum is located in Bayahibe Dominican Republic (in the main parking lot at the embarkation point to Saona Island). We are open every day from 8 am to 6 pm, Sunday closed.

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"Anacaona Museum" is located in Bayahibe, a fabulous Caribbean village in the Dominican Republic south of the island (near boarding zone to the Saona Island, in the main parking lot). But … Who was Anacaona? Anacaona was the last Princess of Caribbean, as well as the protector of Taino people and here, in this exclusive museum you will discover her history and the history of the origins of Dominican People . Think that Anacaona was known to be a leader "leader", she was an extremely beautiful woman , with a strong artistic vein that she could express through his poems . Her name is made of two words "Ana" which means "Flower" and "Caona" which means "Golden", Golden Flower. Anacaona died in 1503 when she was only 29 years old, after a long conflict against the domination of the Spanish fleets that had plundered and enslaved the entire Taino population. It was because of her courage and her brave gestures in defense of Taino population, that Anacaona was arrested and sentenced to death. Despite having received clemency at death if she offered herself as a concubine in a Spanish galleon, Anacaona refused 'and therefore she was hanged without mercy.

Taino population was characterized by a unique purity, their economy was based on the interchange of goods and everything within the community was available to everybody. They did not know the value of gold that was taken from them by the invaders, they had never seen Galleons, they were not familiar with swords, mirrors and firearms, that were brought by the invaders. Many of them died far from their land, prisoners in sunken galleons, and it seems that there could be several tons of gold still submerged near the Saona island which was an important Taino settlement.

And it is right here, in the little Bayahibe that numerous objects belonging to this people have been found. There are caves that reveal true evidences like drawings and the most reliable theory is that the entire National Park of the State was a huge authentic Taino settlement. All the handworks you will find in the museum, are unique and original pieces, dated between 1000 BC and the pre-Columbian Era and through each single piece you will be able to hear and live the origins, history and life of this beautiful country .  

Are you ready to start with us this exciting journey? Come to visit us soon, we will be happy to welcome You!

We are open every day from 8 am to 6 pm!  

Museo Reina Anakaona S.R.L. RNC 132019972 Bayahibe Higuey - Director Daniele Caccialanza

Anacaona Museum Bayahibe Dominican Republic

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Museo Reina Anakaona S.R.L. RNC 132019972 Bayahibe Higuey - Director Daniele Caccialanza