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The wonderful beaches are not the only resources of charm and fun that Dominican Republic can offer us, since this wonderful country increasingly surprises us with its great diversity. A sample of the above is what I have prepared for you today to add to your Bucket List (list of things to do) and learn more about our culture and our history. I propose the visit of 4 impressive caves of the Dominican Republic, totally natural, which over time have kept true treasures of our ancestors inside. 1. Cave of Wonders As the name implies, this cavity is a true wonder, full of magic in every corner, where we can see in a 240 meter route, about 500 paintings and engravings on the walls, made by Taíno aborigines during Your stay on the island. This cave is located on the San Pedro de Macorís - La Romana road, with a schedule from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. at 6:00 p.m. 2. Cave of the 3 eyes In the municipality Santo Domingo Este is this impressive cavern, which has three lakes with sulfur waters, which is why its name is attributed to the 3 eyes. Within this we can enjoy a ride in small boats to observe its crystalline waters, its rich fauna and everything stored inside. Visiting hours are from 8:30 a.m. at 5:30 p.m. 3. Fun Fun Cave This karst limestone cave offers its visitors pure fun and adventure, since unlike the previous ones to enter it it is through a small cavity through which it descends into a rope with a depth 20 meters, once inside the cave you will walk through tunnels and underground corridors. It is located in Hato Mayor del Rey. 4. Cueva del Pomier In the Province of San Cristóbal this beautiful cave is located, which has unique geological formations in the Dominican Republic, this is characterized and visited especially by the large number of pictographs and petroglyphs that are inside, so which we could call a natural art gallery that is divided into 4 rooms grouped according to the species of the arts. In the Dominican Republic there are hundreds of caves, due to their geological nature. But we have made a brief review of the most famous and those that are enabled to be visited. I hope you liked this different option to enjoy Dominican Republic and start planning your excursions to know these beautiful places

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Secret Cave 02

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Secret Cave 04

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